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Ancient History of Massage Therapy



The painting above (dated to around 2300 BC) is quite possibly the very first depiction of foot and hand massage. It was found in Egypt inside the Tomb of Ankhmahor (aka "The Tomb of the Physician").

In the hieroglyphic captions, both clients plead: "Please Do Not Hurt Me!", while both practitioners state: "I Will Act Only So That You Praise Me!".

A reference to prenatal massage can be found in the famous Egyptian Kahun Medical Papyrus (dated 1800 BC):

"Examination of a woman aching in her legs and her calves after walking. You should treat it with a massage of her legs and calves with mud until she is well." 

Depictions of the Battle of Kadesh (1274 BC) show the soldiers of Ramesses II receiving a much needed massage treatment following their long march.

The Roman Emperor Augustus (63 BC to 14 AD) complained about Mark Antony's devotion to Cleopatra by noting "he even massages her feet at dinner parties".


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