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Massage Styles:

Deep Tissue Massage is my most popular style. It uses my palms, elbows, knuckles, and thumbs to deliver slow, focused pressure. It targets your muscles, connective tissues, and fascia lying deep below the skin. It has been described as an intuitive art since its practitioners must use their inherent, “unseen” perception to reach the right areas and avoid the wrong ones.  It's  used to release deep, consistent pain & stiffness from heavy physical activity, sports, past injuries, surgeries, and/or scar tissue. Extra deep work will often make the client experience mild muscle ache for a day or two afterward as their body finally heals. Deep work is different for each client, so your clear communication with me throughout the session is important.

Scandinavian Massage is my most luxurious style. It uses long, flowing palm motions and can be done with a light, medium, or medium-deep pressure. It usually doesn't focus on any one body part; rather, it focuses on flushing and relaxing your whole body. It's a great choice for newcomers to massage as well as experienced deep tissue people needing a change of pace.

Thai Massage is known in Southeast Asia as Nuat Phaen Boran. This style is perfect for beginners since all of its techniques are done over the client's comfortable clothing. Throughout the session you will be continually moved into different sitting & lying postures on a special extra-large, extra-thick mat. It mainly utilizes both full-body acupressure and a variety of deep, full-joint, passive stretches. It's traditionally strong in the treatment of lower-back, hip, and leg problems, but it also incorporates many mid and upper body techniques.

Hot Stone Massage utilizes special smooth, heated, oiled stones as tools in my hands to deliver heat and pressure of any level to your body. The hardness of the stones makes the massage deep, and their heat relaxes muscles & improves circulation.

Prenatal Massage proves that massage for expectant moms is not only possible, but is safe and essential for her circulation, flexibility, and well-being. Its techniques are tailored to meet the needs of both her and her new baby.  It's done either on my special Earthlite prenatal cushion or with standard side-lying pillows. 

Reflexology Massage is a style which has its roots from over 4000 years ago in ancient Egypt. It is the art of toning and clearing all parts of the body by massaging special areas in the feet and/or hands.


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