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 I just go to Eric Mitchell for a massage and feel like jello.

-- A.V.

He is an incredible masseuse!

-- A.L.

Eric, I appreciate you, and I'm sitting about 2" higher in my truck, had to adjust the rear view mirror and breathe deeply. Cheers of Mead brother!

-- P.B.

I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. I have a 2 1/2 hour Swedish massage every 8 weeks and it has made a huge difference in my everyday life. Eric is a master and I highly recommend his massage therapy.

-- K.I.

He’s the best. Great technique and actually listens to you when something isn’t working. I’ve been going to him for ten years and I’ve never looked back. I’ll continue with him for as long as he’s working.

-- M.S.

Eric...I have never felt so relaxed yet energized. I'm very thankful that I can benefit from your talent, which is truly a gift! <3... You are simply the best!

-- K.H.

I believe in you! And I care about the people I send you. You're a healer and you're good at it, dammit!

-- S.Z.

Self care day. Thank you Eric Mitchell for another amazing "healing hands" massage!

-- T.B.

Eric is one of my favorite massage therapists in Missoula!!! He is very grounded and does excellent deep tissue massage. Trust me, I know good when I see/feel/meet it. I've been doing massage therapy for almost twenty years so my standards are a wee bit higher than the average Joe. Thanks Eric for all the great massages!

-- S.R.

Eric is such a compassionate massage therapist!

-- B.P.

Thanks for the awesome massage dear friend. Whatever u did unblocked my indigestion I’ve had for 2 -3 weeks. Maybe that rib. I’m really grateful for you in our lives. It’s the one thing I feel I can do for myself right now. I pray for your long life and good health and the prosperity and love in your family! Thankful for you!

-- J.Z.

I have been to many massage therapists over the years, and some of them were good, but Eric is hands down the absolute best. He is not only skilled in his craft, but he listens and is attentive to your individual needs. His tableside manner is warm, inviting, and comfortable while at the same time he is able to deliver a masterful healing massage that is informed by both his extensive knowledge of the body and unparalleled intuition. He makes you feel like you are his only client while you are there. I look forward to my monthly massages immensely - I am already looking forward to my next massage from Eric. Thank you for sharing your gift!

-- R.K.

Very friendly, knowledgeable, and great at what he does! Made me feel comfortable trying a new massage therapist and I will definitely be going back!!

-- M.U.

Eric is phenomenal!!! His technique is second to none.

-- A.J.

I had one of the by far, best massages. It was 30 minutes to focus on my head, neck and shoulders from the tension headaches that have lingered since my Migraine on Monday.

Eric at Mitchell Massage Therapy knows his stuff and worked magic. I have heard great things about his massages and that he can he booked solid for weeks out. I was lucky enough to snag 30 minutes this afternoon.

Most people book 2, 2.5 and 3 hour massage! And I can see why. Next time I'm going to book at least 2 hours. For sure.

Bonus: I have to say my hair looks fabulous right now becasue he was massaging my scalp the oils/lotions were worked into my hair, which was about 50% dry from my shower after OULA. Great volume and perfect beach waves

-- L. D.

Eric is the best! He's got big hands for a nice deep massage. He also does a lot of stretching your body which is great for those sore exercise muscles.

-- E.J.

Once you've had a massage from the best, you'll forget the rest! I don't even bother with other massage therapists anymore - even when on the road; instead, I save that money and invest it all in Eric's services - the "real deal"! He provides TRUE massage THERAPY. I've had chronic issues in my lower back and neck and wouldn't have gotten to long-term healing without his intuitive and experienced skills. I've tried LOTS of massage therapists, and no one compares - especially for Hot Stone style, my fave!

-- L.K.

My friend Eric Mitchell is the real deal! In my experience, no other Missoula LMT comes close.

-- E.M.

The best masseuse I have ever had, and I have had many. Don't go if your looking for a fu fu type massage. Eric has very strong hands and works out all the knots and kinks life brings you. I highly recommend Eric.

-- K.N.Z.

Amazing!!! I have never felt better after a massage!!! Wonderful! Highly recommend.

-- B.T.M.

Eric is amazing! I am 38 weeks along in my pregnancy and if I would have known about him sooner I would have been going to him regularly since the beginning! He's got magic hands that left me feeling like I could walk and move easily again. I definitely will recommend him to any woman looking for prenatal massage!

-- S.T.

Eric is incredible. I've had giant pesky knots hanging out in my IT bands for years - to the point where I thought they were quasi-permanent. In one session, Eric knocked them back to 10% original size. I can't believe the difference. Next session they'll be gone for sure!

He also has the best set up for pregnant women - all the pillows and all the support, even when my belly was uber-out and round.

Thank you Eric!

-- G.C.

AMAZING good fortune to you all! It seems that the usually booked up in advance for months, best massage therapist in the whole WORLD, Eric Mitchell has some openings in his book right now only a week or more out (which never happens!) so I wanted you to know, if you are in need of REAL therapy, invest in your body and soul with a 2-3 hour deep tissue, hot stone, or Thai massage with Eric. I've been seeing him regularly for several years now and I can tell you, it's the one health care I refuse to give up even when I can't afford it, don't have time, etc. I think I'd be crippled if it was not for Eric. After my car accident 2 years ago, I could not turn my head at all for a long, long, time. Thanks, Eric for doing what you do, for healing people so well, and for continuing to practice. I hope you live a LONG life!

-- D.H.

I just experienced the most amazing massage from Eric Mitchell. He truly is a master of the art.

-- C.H.

Amazing Human with a Variety of Skilled Techniques!!!!- HEALING HANDS!!!! 
No Basic Massage here...

-- D.S.

Massage is great for my back pain and Eric Mitchell is the best massage therapist!

-- C.B.

Rinpoche really loved the massage. I said that you were the best and he smiled and said "verrrry good". Great job Eric.

-- J.H.

I feel like a new person after my massage! Your massage sessions are one of a kind! Amazing.

-- A.W.

Absolutely phenomenal massage therapist, healer & human-being. I'm grateful to have found Eric - thank you from the bottom of my heart.

-- M. L. E.

I feel like a different person today. Thank u so much for the relief!!

-- J. Z.

I'm a little massage drunk but I had to take a selfie to let Eric (my massage therapist) know how happy I am after 90 minute of time to myself. Helps my body AND mind recover from training <3

-- K. K.

Saturday is a 90 minute Deep Tissue Massage Therapy appointment with Mr. Eric Mitchell 
Best Massage therapist in Missoula!!! 
Nearly a year later ;(( 
I'm counting down the days with a very thankful heart!!

-- D. S.

Eric Mitchell you are a god among massage therapists. I am up and moving; a little stiff and sore, but nothing like I was. I'm not a 100% yet, but the massage you gave me last night was just what I needed to get over the hump to get there. Thank you!!!!

-- M.S.

I used to go to red spa in Missoula and Eric Mitchell worked there and was by far the best massage therapist. I had extra funds at the time and purchased 5 more massages there. He left to start his own business. I went to use my gift cards and got the worst massage. Of course I was spoiled by the professional and deep tissue massage by Eric. I never used the rest of my massages because when your therapist is not being attentive to all muscle groups I felt I had to say you are missing this area here. and to quit asking me questions I didn't come to talk. I moved to Colorado but have a cabin on tv mountain and will be back to Missoula. Thinking about my next massage with Eric! Am looking forward to it! I want one everyday by him! Thank you Eric for your expertise! You know your good when its been so long like 5 years or so and im still thinking about it and how you would be a perfect physical therapist with your knowledge you can really help people feel better. You certainly did with me! I highly recommend you to anyone that needs a professional that knows his muscle groups and how to manipulate and relieve muscle tension.

-- S. P.

So glad that I found Eric!! I have had numerous massages in the past - from around 20 different therapists. The massage I received yesterday was BY FAR the best I've ever had. I will definitely be back for more.

-- J. A.

Eric is a miracle worker!! Although I've been seeing him for a couple of years now, it's made such a difference during my pregnancy that I had to review! This morning, at 9 months pregnant, I woke up without hip pain for the first time in 20 weeks. Highly recommended for anyone, but especially for prenatal massage!

-- J. C. 

I finally found a massage therapist in Fort Collins, CO. He's good but definitely not my Eric!! I miss those magic hands!

-- P. C. 

(**5 Stars out of 5**) Only cuz I can't give you more!! I have been an avid supporter for a few years now ;) and will continue to be! You have helped me both body and soul and I am grateful for your existence!

-- S. Z. 

Bob and I credit Eric's massages for keeping us mostly pain free and feeling heathy. Thank you Eric!

-- C. B. 

Eric Mitchell has been changing my life. I committed to seeing him for deep tissue 1x per month beginning last April. Since then, I have not missed an appt and this year, I am booking up one 2-hour and 1-1 hour every other week alternating to see how much more this improves my flexibility, joint and muscle pain, and overall health. This is not a fu-fu fluffy massage for relaxation, though I am sure he can accommodate all types of needs. What Eric does is physical therapy with deep, healing results. I've never had a massage like it. Every day I thank Buddha for Eric and pray for his long life! Go see him for yourself and experience the difference. You'll be hooked on the healing!

-- D. H.

If anyone needs a wonderful massage, Eric Mitchell has some magical massage hands, he has an ultra luxurious massage table and a beautiful healing room. Thanks for fitting me in last minute and at the end of your day!

-- C. C. 

To all if my Friends I don't usually Share my Treasures ~ HOWEVER

-- D. S. 

Thank you Eric for coming to see us. It's a great addition to the family reunion.

-- S. K. 

I agree! The entire family looks forward to the Hong Kong Treatment...especially Mark!!! Hahha ;-) Thank you for making us feel better!

-- K. E. 

Thank you for today. That was amazing :)

-- A. B. 

Awesome! Thank you! Your massage was wonderful. Thank you ... Just wanted to let you know the magic you worked on my TMJ is awesome. Thank you! 

-- F. V.

Thank you for the Fantastic massage !!!!!!! WONDERFUL

-- A. S.

Only 7 hours and 45 minutes until I get to go see Eric Mitchell at Mitchell Massage Therapy. Not that I'm excited and counting down to my massage or anything...

-- M. S.

I credit you. My two year old child has never seemed sweeter at 8:30 at night than he did tonight! Courtesy of your massage for sure! Thank you!

-- S. B.

Eric has totally ruined me for other CMTs. I wish Missoula was closer!

-- P. M.

Love This Man!!!! The BEST THERE IS!!!

-- D. S.

Great guy. Kind and thoughtful. Please seek him out to relieve your stress.

-- T. M.

I'm so very thankful for you!! Thankful to your wife and kids for sharing you! I can't imagine where I'd be if I hadn't found you all those years ago! To have established such a safe relationship before all my chronic pain and nerve issues blew up, to have a friend who truly is there to help me heal, who's aware, in tune with, and dedicated in helping me embrace my amazing life with my husband and dogs as painfree as possible is a true gift!!!

-- E. M.

Thank you for the appointment update. Also sincere appreciation for the informative papers on my condition and wonderful ideas for relief. I am touched that you would take the time to help me with the information. For months all I have heard from doctors, friends and family is take this or that. They think I am crazy that I want to experience a natural way for Peri-menopause. 

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to enjoy your massages that will help to reduce or eliminate my symptoms. You have gone above and beyond with finding these important ideas to help me heal. I intend to practice the self acupressure, it is so interesting and the pictures are perfect for a beginner such as myself.

I am so glad that I came to see you, your massages are helping me, I truly feel it in my overall being. Thank you for adjusting my massage today to apply to my menopause issues. I am grateful for your care.

-- L. Y.

Back's still a little sore, but the tension headache I had for 2 days is finally gone. Thanks Eric. I wasn't sure you'd be able to fix that mess that was my back, but you powered through it. You're the best massage therapist EVER!

-- M. S.

Thanks for taking such good care of my man today. He is 100% better and super grateful. You are a genius :)

-- M. N.

Treated myself to a massage today at Mitchell Massage Therapy. Who knew I was 5'7" and my ears and shoulders aren't really connected!

-- J. T.

Wishing I would have bought 10 Hot Stone massages on Seize the Deal! Awesome!


-- C. W.

Eric you are a life saver! My migraine is completely gone this morning! I hope it lasts for quite a while. Damn, it's been a long time since I felt this good! Thanks again, Bro!

-- J. H.

I remember when I first met you while working at Community. My first impression was how centered you seemed, anchored by a zen philosophy and deep belief in the healing medicine of massage. So glad to see that you are living your passion!

-- R. T.

I miss your massage therapy Eric...Gigi says: "You people living or going through Missoula (MT) at Mitchel Massage Therapy are the luckiest!" xoxox

-- G. G.

Eric is a healer, an intuitive, an artist, a family man, and a very knowledgeable, professional, and caring massage therapist. I've never had a better deep tissue massage...he just *feels* it and knows and puts all of his healing and rejuvenating energy into his massages. A master and a friend. Go see him....then, you will see.

-- M. D.

Eric is amazing! Literally the only person in Missoula that I will get massages from.

-- T. T.

Hello Magical Mitchell!  Thank you so much for the wonderful massage... what an amazing experience you provide to people.  I highly recommend the hot stone massage to everyone - it'll ROCK your world.  I feel like a brand new woman today - thank you so very much!  Take care and I'll see you soon...

-- K. E.

Need a massage in Missoula? Go see Eric. He is the only one I ever go to. He's THAT good.

-- K. K.

Yes...I agree fully.  Eric's massage is very healing, high quality...he knows what he's doing!  He really is THAT good:)

-- C. T.

Eric is a great massage therapist!, love when I get to see him.

-- L. G.

Had the BEST massage yesterday by Eric J. Mitchell. I highly recommend Eric....he will do wonders for you! He is amazing! The best I have ever had!

-- R. F.

I happned upon Eric with by way of a certificate. That session was a 90 minute all-over hot rock body massage - incredible! During that massage, I discovered how tender my jaw and face muscles were. Eric said he could help me with this. Weeks later, as my jaw pain became extremely worse, I made a 1/2 hour appointment with Eric. He used several methods and techniques to relieve my pain in my jaw, face, neck and shoulder. I felt 99% better afterwards. I highly recommend Eric. Just walking into his office relaxes you.

-- L. T.

Eric has been my massage therapist since 2005. He has always made me feel comfortable and secure with his professional, and caring demeanor. He also listens to all of the health concerns related to my massage before and during the treatment, and adjusts his technique accordingly. I cannot stress enough how much he has helped me with my chronic back pain over the years, and he has also done wonders with my scar tissue tenderness on my surgery sites. The therapy room is warm and relaxing and when I leave I feel fabulous. I look forward to my treatments so much, and wish that they could be more frequent.

I highly recommend Eric. He is one of the most genuine and sincere professionals I know. I am soo happy that he decided to make massage his stock and trade.


-- L. C.






-- D. B.


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